Adult Courses

So often we hear:

"I wish I'd have learnt an instrument when I was a child"

or even more popular,

"I wish I'd have STUCK at learning an instrument when I was a child"


We'd like to do something about this! You see, cliche or not, it really is never too late to learn an instrument.


"One of the truly amazing things about learning a new piece, song or tune is that it stays with us for life"


We offer both individual tuition and small group classes for adults. In the individual lessons, we tailor a syllabus to suit your requirements. No two lessons are the same - and whether you're new to learning an instrument, or you've played before you can be sure that we will decide on a direction to suit you.


Our group lessons are delivered in sessions of no more than six students and includes 'core' content and 'personalised' content.

The core syllabus content includes:

- Scales and Exercises

- Beginner Pieces

- Theory of Music understanding


Personalised content includes:

- Pieces that you are interested in learning

- Group ensemble performances in unison

- Group ensemble performances in parts

- Two private one-to-one lessons with your tutor each term to ensure that you're on track to meeting your goals.




How to find us

If you would like more information on classes, or you would like book in a complimentary intial consultation then please give us a call or drop us a message below. We can't wait to start your musical journey.
Shop 1, Corner of Emerald Street & Daveys Road, Flagstaff Hill, SA 5159
T: 0488 26 19 26