We believe that music education should be both affordable and of the highest quality. Our focus is on making sure that you or your child progress quickly whilst having the most fun possible.


Private Lessons - $33 (30 Minutes) or $65 (60 Minutes)

Private Lessons are billed termly, in advance. There are usually ten weeks in a term, although this is govered by the SA Government. Each class is 30 or 60 minutes long.


Little Keys, Junior Keys, Senior Keys and Adult Classes - $26 (45 Minutes)

Classes are billed termly, in advance. There are usually ten weeks in a term, although this is governed by the SA Government. Each weekly class is 45 Minutes long with two additional 20 minute private sessions each term with your tutor that are included in the cost. Resources and materials are included.


Additional Costs - Instrument

You will need a piano or keyboard at home so that the classroom content can be practiced. For Little Keys, simple keyboards are available from us on a rental scheme starting at just $10 per month or else we can give advice regarding which instrument would be suitable.

For Private Lessons, Junior Keys, Senior Keys and Adult Classes, a slightly better quality of instrument is necessary. These are complex in their nature and variety but your tutor is more than happy to go through options and costings with you.


Additional Costs - Course Materials

In the case of Little Keys, there are no additional materials required over those included complimentary in the lesson fees.

For all private lessons Junior Keys, Senior Keys and Adult Classes, you will need to allow some additional cost for printed music. This is variable in cost and we do not sell books directly through our studio, although we can source them for you. Generally, allow one additional book per school term, although it may be less or slightly more than this. Your tutor will endevour to be understanding with regard to additional music purchase requirements.


Additional Costs - Examinations and Others

Examinations are offered by the Australian Music Exams Board (AMEB). The AMEB set the fees for examinations although they are sometimes held at our music studio.

A list of current exam prices can be provided to you at the time of making an examination booking.

Students will also need original copies of all pieces they are intending to play for an examination as the AMEB does not allow photocopied materials. The AMEB does offer grade books with complete works printed within them as a one-purchase solution to buying music.


Other costs include instrument tuning (once yearly) if you have an acoustic piano and any concert tickets for our annual concerts which are usually $10 each.

How to find us

If you would like more information on classes, or you would like book in a complimentary intial consultation then please give us a call or drop us a message below. We can't wait to start your musical journey.
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