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We try to make our Terms and Conditions fair for everyone. Whilst we try to be accomodating to individual circumstances on an as-arranged basis, we need to set out some guidelines for all our classes which you can find below.


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At Pathways Music we take your privacy very seriously.

The only personal information we collect on this site is your name, address, telephone number and email address - if you enter that information in the contact-us form included on some of the pages on this website. All information you provide is kept in strict confidence and will never be sold or given to a third party for any reason.


For existing students, we collect your name, telephone number, email address and address. When making payments, we use only companies which practise secure processing of online funds so that you, as a customer, can be assured that your private information will be safe and secure.


Pathways Music does not have access to credit card numbers. Only the credit card processing company has access to this information to complete the checkout process.


The following disclaimer is standard wording and designed to protect the owner and Pathways Music against claims arising from any misuse of the website and/or hacking thereof.

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