Senior Keys

Junior Piano is designed for Children between the ages of 8 - 12. An important developmental step  from the Little Keys Programme is that your child will now be able to develop their own sense of musical style by choosing their repertoire:

Each child will get an opportunity throughout the school year to work on a piece of his/her choosing in a group environment.

Importantly there is also a core focus on group performance. You won't find our lessons playing the same song in unison - we create full part-based performances where one participant will be responsible for drums; another the 'string' section and someone else might be working on melody on brass - all delivered via electornic keyboards, pianos and percussion. This helps to create a feeling of belonging; and gets Children involved in live music production.


Junior Piano Features:

- 'Core' lesson materials included in the cost of weekly tuition. This includes scales, exercises and mandated pieces.

- 'Optional' lesson materials may be required if your child would like to learn pieces outside of the core syllabus.

- Individual Performance, group unison performance and group 'orchestral/band' performances are practiced.

- Theory of Music is included in the core syllabus up to Grade One Level.

- Your child will learn about simple music production including recording, playing with a click track and sound production.

- Weekly group lesson and eight annual private sessions are included in the weekly lesson cost of tuition.

- Small groups of no more than six performers.



How to find us

If you would like more information on classes, or you would like book in a complimentary intial consultation then please give us a call or drop us a message below. We can't wait to start your musical journey.
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